Get a Paradise Cove Tattoo

and be part of an ancient Polynesian Tradition

Paradise Cove

Polynesian tattooing, as it existed before the arrival of Europeans in the South Pacific, was the most artistic tattooing in the ancient world. Characterized by elaborate geometrical designs that were added to or embellished throughout the life of the owner, tattoos or body decorations were natural to the life and art of islanders from New Zealand to the remote islands of Tahiti.

Now, guests of Paradise Cove can get an authentic Polynesian tattoo from local artisans as part of the island arts and crafts that can be sampled prior to the nightly luau and show. Never fear- it’s only temporary. These contemporary artists recreate tattoo designs inspired by old illustrations, woodcarvings and other arts of Polynesia to create personal statements reflecting traditional island cultures as a fleeting memento of days past.

One of the most popular stops in the Paradise Cove Hawaiian Village, the tattoo hut combines unique island expression with the intrigue of long ago sea voyages of discovery to provide a snapshot of the only original form of Polynesian art that has been widely adopted and imitated by westerners.

For guests who want to take a tattoo home with them – without the commitment of a permanent trophy – temporary press-on designs can be purchased in the spirit of ancient voyagers who returned home with tattoos as souvenirs of travels to distant lands. Only their tattoos didn’t wash off!